Thursday, January 22, 2009


its obviously still a work in progress but give me some feed back yo!

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  1. I find it funny that you call it a 'folio.

    On page 'r' (why is it called 'r'?) -
    I would give dates for when education. It kinda looks like you graduated SCAD with a 4.0, then went to Cinci. Should the 'd' in "3d modeling" be capitalized? You'd know better than I would. I wouldn't say that you "ran errands" for OBX. Maybe something like: Performed miscellaneous office duties. You may need to be more specific about rock climbing under highschool. Is that an award, a club, etc?

    The reflected text on the title pages for the projects is contrasted with the font you use for your page numbers - one's sleek and modern the other is more retro modern

    For the Marksmen pen - that image on the far left of the people crowding around the table isn't a particularly high quality photo.

    Also, it's kind of odd that your background color changes. I imagine that can't be helped because you don't want to redo the renderings, in which case I might recommend that you change the background color for your introduction page and play it like the color change per project was intentional.

    Other than those things, its great. I still want to see more of your 'pool visualizer'