Monday, February 2, 2009

A few technologies

Inductive Charging

The removal of cords is extremely valuable from a design stand point. inductive charging is a good technology for wireless devices that need to be charged.

Solid State HD

Like the article says solid state means less moving parts, it uses less power, its faster, and its crash proof. Im expecting that by 2013 solid state hard drives will be around 200gig.


Home computing to me, means your computer is part of your daily life. It should recognize you and your devices. Thus having the latest bluetooth will be essential.


oled technology is the future of screens. easier to manufacture, as well as having made advances over LCD and plasma displays with their ability to produce "greater range of color, gamut, brightness, contrast (both DR and static) and viewing angle." 1 000 000: 1 contrast-- black is black.

capacitive sensing

Eliminating pieces is important and thus capacitive touch technology makes it easier to remove traditional mechanical buttons. The main benefit is cleanability.

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  1. Hey Jacque, another cool up and coming tech is DNA computing. Essentially, in the next decade we will use DNA instead of silicon to process information. Apparently this will make computers thousands of times faster than they are now.